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Benefits of a Scalable Architecture

10 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Scalability is an important consideration throughout many different areas of financial services and in recent years technological innovation has pushed the level of importance and the discussion around scale even further. At Anevis we have worked with a lot of clients these past few years where we have seen directly how important scalability is for […]

The Growing Role in Outsourcing for Investment Management Teams

11 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Various references in financial publications recently highlight the challenging world of investment management, where there is an intensely competitive market environment to capture fund inflows, reduce fees and remain competitive in the challenging world of asset management. One key way that managers are looking to remain competitive is by reducing their management fees, becoming ever […]

Asset Allocation in Perspective

11 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Asset allocation is the DNA of an investment strategy and defines the fund. A fund’s specific asset allocation is the mix of asset classes and weighting which will produce the optimal result that aligns with the stated strategy’s investment mandate. Understanding a fund’s asset allocation mix is essential to understanding the definition of the strategy […]

Regulatory Focused Requirements Puts Tech in the Spotlight

1 year ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Across the board financial services firms are all competing for increased return and growth of business opportunities. So it goes without saying, there is a critical need to shift and adapt quickly. Many firms will attempt to build out these capabilities in-house yet the challenge lies in that many firms lack the capabilities, expertise or […]

Data Privacy for global asset management firms

2 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

When looking at the website of different asset management companies, there may be a sense or veneer of a secure institution that can safely service their clients It is also likely they may have secure offices in business parks or office towers around the world but in today’s world this is just the start of […]

Our Approach for a Unified Data Model

2 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

As part of this week’s post we wanted to switch gears. We thought this would be a good opportunity to open the curtain and show a little bit about the technology and development process behind the scenes at Anevis Solutions and what makes us run. New clients and prospects often express an interest in topics […]

Darwin’s Survival: KIDs for PRIIPs

2 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Much of what has been accomplished in the PRIIP Regulation, such as enhancing investor transparency and comparability through greater disclosure to clients can be looked at from the point of view of the work involved, but there is also another side to this coin. In this changing environment, adapting to regulation is a great way […]

Social Media and Fund Companies: Help or Hindrance?

3 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

The social media wave has swept up businesses large and small in its wake, and fund companies are no exception. Does using social media help or hinder the fund companies which use it? That is a matter of opinion, but what is incontrovertible is that many mutual fund companies have made social media an integral […]