5 Statistics that all investors want to see on a fund fact sheet

4 years ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

  One of the most important aspects for fund managers and investors alike to consider is which essential fund statistics should be included on all fund fact sheets. You can think of these as the fact sheet ABCs, or rather the ABCDEs (because we will cover 5 of them). Having the right Investment statistics is […]

Use LinkedIn to Build Your Brand

4 years ago by Lee Wasilenko Lee Wasilenko

As a fund manager, increasing assets under management (AUM) is a crucial component of your business. Doing so requires communicating essential details about your investment performance and services to a relevant audience across a variety of distribution channels. These include both traditional methods (face to face meetings, phone calls and letters) as well as social […]

Best design practices for your fund factsheets

4 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Here at anevis we have the chance to work with a lot of different asset managers, whether it be designing their factsheets, automating fund performance reporting or benchmarking a complicated index value for them. One thing we are continually reminded of is how big an impact the visual layout and aesthetic can have for their factsheets. Fund factsheets, when properly […]

Webinar: Elements of a Great Fund Factsheet

4 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

We hear more and more from Fund managers and asset management companies around the world how they are facing increased financial performance reporting and regulatory requirements. It is important for firms to adopt best practices in investment performance communications, not just to tick a box but to differentiate their funds and improve their fund distribution – […]