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Sparkasse KölnBonn

3 months ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

Sparkasse KölnBonn is a part of the german savings bank finance group (Sparkasse Finanzgruppe) which consists of 381 saving banks (Sparkassen). Sparkasse KölnBonn is the second largest savings bank in germany and offers their clients monthly updated, individualized factsheets created by Anevis Solutions. As mentioned, Sparkasse KölnBonn is part of the savings bank finance group. […]

Collaboration between Anevis Solutions and Steyler Ethik Bank

5 months ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

The Steyler Ethical Bank is an ethical and ecological credit institution. The bank was founded in 1964 by the steyler missionaries and is managing money following ethical point of views. This attitude of being fair, keeping the peace and preserving the creation can also be found in their approach to fund management. For their method […]

From Würzburg to South Africa – International Collaboration between Anevis Solutions and MSM Property Fund

8 months ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

Anevis Solutions is an internationally active company, which has clients from all over the world. One of them is MSM Property Fund (Pty) Ltd, an asset management firm which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Musi Skosana is the CEO of the company and the fund manager of two funds, aimed at private and institutional […]

The Growing Role in Outsourcing for Investment Management Teams

11 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Various references in financial publications recently highlight the challenging world of investment management, where there is an intensely competitive market environment to capture fund inflows, reduce fees and remain competitive in the challenging world of asset management. One key way that managers are looking to remain competitive is by reducing their management fees, becoming ever […]

Regulatory Focused Requirements Puts Tech in the Spotlight

1 year ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Across the board financial services firms are all competing for increased return and growth of business opportunities. So it goes without saying, there is a critical need to shift and adapt quickly. Many firms will attempt to build out these capabilities in-house yet the challenge lies in that many firms lack the capabilities, expertise or […]

Social Media and Fund Companies: Help or Hindrance?

3 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

The social media wave has swept up businesses large and small in its wake, and fund companies are no exception. Does using social media help or hinder the fund companies which use it? That is a matter of opinion, but what is incontrovertible is that many mutual fund companies have made social media an integral […]

Use LinkedIn to Build Your Brand

4 years ago by Lee Wasilenko Lee Wasilenko

As a fund manager, increasing assets under management (AUM) is a crucial component of your business. Doing so requires communicating essential details about your investment performance and services to a relevant audience across a variety of distribution channels. These include both traditional methods (face to face meetings, phone calls and letters) as well as social […]

Best design practices for your fund factsheets

4 years ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Here at anevis we have the chance to work with a lot of different asset managers, whether it be designing their factsheets, automating fund performance reporting or benchmarking a complicated index value for them. One thing we are continually reminded of is how big an impact the visual layout and aesthetic can have for their factsheets. Fund factsheets, when properly […]