Performance Reporting

We can automate your fund reporting to include analytical metrics like performance attribution, linear regression with β-statistics, correlation matrices, historical allocations over a timeline, benchmarked results, as well as some of the most complex statistics that are tailored to your strategy.
Performance Reporting
tell your funds story

Tell Your Fund’s Story

In today’s fund management world managers need to showcase their fund to ensure that investors and stakeholders understand your investment strategy at the level it was meant to be described. Our flexible and adaptable design capabilities let you capture investment performance and risk reporting, your specific marketing and branding, or monthly fund commentary customized for your investment concepts.

Secure User-access Control

We acknowledge the importance of information security and privacy for asset management firms so you can rest assured that fund related information can be accessed and displayed in a secured, password protected and authenticated environment to best meet the needs of your investors, regulators and other key stakeholders.
Secure User-access Control


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Marketing Material for Qualified Investors

Create unique and individual graphical presentations for your qualified investors.

Detailed Financial Analysis

Combine strong and complex financial analysis on your fact sheets e.g. correlation matrices or linear regression analysis.

Individual Handling for Derivative Positions

Show your individual classification for derivative positions. Our individual handling helps you to point out the correct values.

Total-Return or Cash Flow Analysis

Show the cash flows including coupon payments of your fixed income portfolio as well as cash flow analysis.

Performance Attribution

Show the performance of single securities in your portfolio by implementing our performance attribution.

Compare Your Strategy

Compare your strategy with different market segments and include current market analysis in your reportings.

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