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KIDs for PRIIPs: Performance Scenarios

1 year ago by Tanja Schicklberger Tanja Schicklberger

As explained in our blogpost Update on KIDs for PRIIPs, a new scenario was introduced by the regulatory technical standards (RTS) dated April 2017. Besides the unfavourable, moderate and favorable scenarios it’s obligatory to show also the Stress-Scenario. In this article we will have a more detailed look into those calculations, which are all based […]

KIDs for PRIIPs: CRM Assessment

2 years ago by Tanja Schicklberger Tanja Schicklberger

As we are in the third quarter of 2017, various investment management firms we speak with continue to research and plan their technology implementation for PRIIPs regardless of the regulatory uncertainty. As part of this theme we wanted to take some time to write an article on one of the important aspects of KIDs for […]