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Collaboration between Anevis Solutions and Steyler Ethik Bank

4 months ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

The Steyler Ethical Bank is an ethical and ecological credit institution. The bank was founded in 1964 by the steyler missionaries and is managing money following ethical point of views. This attitude of being fair, keeping the peace and preserving the creation can also be found in their approach to fund management. For their method […]

Collaboration between Anevis Solutions and Universal-Investment

1 year ago by Anita Colvin Anita Colvin

A cooperation with Anevis Solutions offers huge benefits for investment managers and management companies. Universal-Investment, the largest independent investment company in German-speaking countries, is collaborating with Anevis Solutions to fulfill individual reporting requirements of their clients. upgrade!, Universal-Investment’s news format, interviewed Michael Münch, deputy head of the capital markets department at Kreissparkasse Biberach, and Johannes […]