Use LinkedIn to help build your brand

As a fund manager, increasing assets under management (AUM) is a crucial component of your business. Doing so requires communicating essential details about your investment performance and services to a relevant audience across a variety of distribution channels. These include both traditional methods (face to face meetings, phone calls and letters) as well as social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn. Using professional social media networks like LinkedIn can be a powerful way to build your brand.

An optimal approach to adding assets goes beyond simply providing details about your services and also involves offering valuable insights related to your area of expertise. Taking this approach to asset management marketing allows you to position yourself as a subject matter expert, thereby establishing that you are more than just a provider of investment services. Successfully building a brand in this manner puts you in a position to bring in assets from a wider range of investors.

LinkedIn, along with Xing for managers based in Europe, is one of the best social media platforms for establishing yourself as a subject matter expert and marketing asset management services. Unlike some other social media platforms, it lends itself to in-depth analysis and lengthier posts. This gives you a chance to outline your thoughts about the market in greater detail and explain how your firm is able to capitalize on your unique insights. You can also use LinkedIn to provide information about some of the differentiating services your firm provides – for example, an automated fund fact sheet production service, such as that which anevis solutions provides, can supply your investors with daily updated fund data and thereby increase trust and transparency.

LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for making available white papers, articles, and blog posts that you create. Each time you add a post a notification is sent via email to all of your connections letting them know that it is available. The same procedure applies if you are sharing articles or other posts that you believe members of your network will find useful. Providing a steady stream of posts related to your area of expertise has a variety of benefits. It allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of financial issues and retain the attention of prospects and clients. It can also pay dividends in terms of endorsements from members of your network for skills related to your area of expertise.

If you offer investors high-value features such as fund fact sheet automation on your website, LinkedIn is an excellent medium to make this known. By providing up-to-date information regarding fund performance and composition you increase transparency, thereby improving engagement with investors. Your investors will appreciate the ability to monitor this data on a regular basis. Try using a LinkedIn post on the subject to inform investors as to how and where they can access the results of your fund fact sheet production services from suppliers such as anevis solutions.

Use LinkedIn to help build your brand

Connecting with potential investors on LinkedIn offers them a chance to get to know and become comfortable with you and your firm before entrusting funds to your management. Using social media’s power of mass communication, it allows you to effectively communicate with many potential investors without having to seek each one of them specifically. There is a self-selection process that occurs when investors find your content and discovers that it resonates with them. It also allows for further expansion of your message via social sharing because those who find your LinkedIn posts to be valuable will share them with others in their networks.

Another benefit to using LinkedIn is the ability to build a circle of contacts within the investment industry. This helps bolster your credibility among your peers by demonstrating your connections to other financial industry participants. It can also lead directly to asset management opportunities from other asset managers who may refer out business that does not fit into their specialty or who prefer to farm out a portion of the funds they control for others to manage. Also, if you’d like to read more about this topic and have future articles delivered conveniently to your inbox, please sign up for our newsletter.

Using LinkedIn proactively can be an important part of your brand-building strategy. By offering valuable information related to your area of expertise you increase the probability that prospective clients will think of your firm and the services you provide when they are ready to invest new assets. Generously providing information that is useful and valuable will help you succeed in establishing yourself as a subject matter expert and give your investors confidence that you are the right person to manage their assets. In this way social networks can help tip the balance when it comes to turning potential clients into actual ones.

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