The Steyler Ethical Bank is an ethical and ecological credit institution. The bank was founded in 1964 by the steyler missionaries and is managing money following ethical point of views. This attitude of being fair, keeping the peace and preserving the creation can also be found in their approach to fund management.

For their method of fund management, they have received several awards. For example the FNG-seal for two of their funds. This seal is awarded to funds, which offer a transparent and complete depiction of their sustainability strategy and which avoid companies that deal with ABC-guns, cluster bombs, mining and nuclear energy.
To market these special funds, which are administered by Warburg Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, they use individualized factsheets from Anevis Solutions.

Factsheets with external data – ESG ratings

Every factsheet includes ratings regarding the sustainability. Therefore Anevis Solutions embeds external data from another data provider into the factsheets. This provider offers ratings regarding ESG-criteria, so that investors can compare different funds regarding their sustainability. The ESG describes three sustainability categories of a company. Environment, Social and Governance.

Individual and pixel perfect factsheets

The design and layout of the factsheets required a close collaboration between Steyler Ethical Bank and Anevis Solutions. The factsheets are designed pixel perfect, which means that you take every element into consideration down to individual pixels.This creates the effect of high resolution and clean design. Moreover, thanks to the pixel perfect design it is possible to have the same appearance in every browser. As you can see Anevis Solutions has to be very precise in creating these factsheets, because of the pixel perfect and individual structure of each fund factsheet. Suitable for the different share classes each factsheet gets an individual structure, which means that different graphics and ratios are embedded.
But a few things are the same on every factsheet. They all show the multistage investment process, the fund performance (monthly and yearly), a management comment, the chances and risks and different statistics e.g. volatility. To get more information about volatility, our blog article how to calculate volatility correctly may answer your questions.

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