Since its launch 10 years ago, the two professional fund managers have been in charge of the ACATIS GANÉ Value Event fund. The fund, for which GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft receives its daily updated individualized Factsheets from Anevis Solutions, is managed impeccably with an unique mix of value-strategy and event selection.

This is why the jury of the Finanzen Verlag awarded them the award “Golden Bull” on the 8th February in Munich in front of an audience of over 500 guests.
Amongst them were other successful fund managers and other important people from the financial industry. The “Golden Bull” is considered the most important award in the German fund industry and is only awarded to outstanding fund managers.

The decisive factor in the jury’s decision was the consistent success story of the ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fund, designed and managed by Dr. Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle who, despite the unwelcoming economic situation, have been able to lead their fund to an average annual return of over 9 percent.

For more information about the “Golden Bull” award, GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft and the fund manager duo, follow the link to the article below.

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