Commodity Capital AG is a young and innovative investment company which is based in Zug, Switzerland. The company is a globally established specialist in the field of resources, specifically, metals and mining. In addition to meeting their investment objectives, their investment philosophy also lends support to international fundamental values with regard to human rights, labor law and environmental protection.

Anevis Solutions creates individualized and daily updated factsheets for Commodity Capital AG. Typical fund information is presented on a timely basis, such as, monthly commentary, various performance statistics and key investment positions.

Individual classifications are used to sort and filter the fund’s positions. As indicated earlier, Commodity Capital AG primarily invests in the mining sector. Using the individual classification model, the mining companies that the fund invests in are categorized into three categories: Explorer, Juniors and Majors. To illustrate the portfolio allocation, a pie chart is used that shows the investment allocation as a percentage of the total portfolio. For increased transparency the three categories are explained on the factsheets.

All information which is outlined in the factsheets are important metrics for potential investors to consider when deciding on whether to invest in the fund. Pie charts are also used to illustrate the commodity distribution (i.e., precious metals, base metals, battery metals, etc.) and the geographic location of the mining companies in percentage terms. Furthermore, the factsheets provide existing investors an overview of the current developments, from a macro, sector and/or commodity specific view, and thus make this reporting model an important information tool for Commodity Capital AG and it’s investors.

If would also like to impress your clients or potential clients with individualized, daily updated factsheets, feel free to contact us and we would be happy provide pricing information with respect to this service.
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