We are happy to announce the collaboration between Anevis Solutions and DJE Kapital AG. DJE will now be provided with an integrated package of individual marketing materials and regulatory reporting services supplied by Anevis Solutions.

DJE Kapital AG is one of the leading bank-independent financial service providers in the German-speaking world. Their asset management was founded over 45 years ago by Dr. Jens Ehrhardt and today it manages around 13 billion euros of private and institutional clients in national and international markets. Apart from asset management, DJE is also active in portfolio management.

In order to provide all clients, whether private or institutional investors, with information in an optimal and target group-oriented manner, the Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite© offers perfect solutions for the automated and individualized creation of factsheets, website feeds and managed depots. Together, a comprehensive project was realized, which shows that it is possible to handle extensive amounts of data individually to present financial mathematical calculations in a simple and easily understandable way, and to save resources through automated processes.

Factsheets: For the private sector and institutional reporting

Private and institutional investors have different requirements as financial market participants. It is not always easy to meet these requirements, not only in terms of regulations, but also in terms of marketing strategy. Anevis Solutions therefore supports DJE in the preparation of the factsheets. One to four-page long factsheets are produced for the private sector and more comprehensive factsheets containing seven to eight pages of detailed information are produced for the institutional sector. This ensures that the factsheets contain all essential information according to the needs of the target group.

The factsheets are made available to the customer in German and English and are prepared individually according to the requirements of the respective market. Therefore, Anevis Solutions produces several different factsheets per fund. DJE’s factsheets are also created for the Swiss and Luxembourg markets. In doing so, the information for investors is prepared in a way that meets the specific requirements of both markets. In this way, each client can be addressed individually and the factsheets can be made to comply with all guidelines of the respective markets.

In addition, institutional reports are prepared which contain all the key information and meet regulatory requirements. Anevis guarantees a consistently high quality of reporting, e.g. by taking over the plausibility check of the data. In addition, the challenges of rapid implementation of new regulatory requirements and continuous data maintenance are taken into account.

The marketing material has been graphically standardized, reflects the company’s design and is prepared in such a way that DJE can fully concentrate on its core competencies. The successful project with DJE Kapital AG shows that Anevis Solutions offers customized solutions for the creation of individualized factsheets on a marketing and regulatory basis. In the second and third part of this series, we’ll take a look at the website feed and managed depots that were created in connection with the project for DJE Kapital AG.

If you would like to learn more about the Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite©, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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