Salm-Salm & Partners is an independent asset management company and a specialist in convertible bonds and sustainable investments. Since its founding 30 years ago, it has been active in three areas of business: Asset management, asset management with specialization in convertible bonds and trading, as well as management of forests and agricultural holdings.

With its financial products, the company has set itself the goal of appealing primarily to investors who are looking for long-term, risk-conscious and sustainable investments.

Salm-Salm provides all relevant fund data, information on investment policy as well as summary risk and return profiles with its factsheets and website widgets from Anevis Solutions. The fund’s data is clearly included in their website and gives investors a quick overview of all important facts.

Customized presentation of the fund indices

In order to present the funds’ data, various charts on the website and in the factsheet are used to visualize, especially the historical performance since the fund was launched. In addition, bar charts show the different industry sectors and visualize ratings and regions.

Besides the individualization of the visual appearance, the content was also individualized by using individual statistics or adjustments to the master data of the portfolio underlyings.

Anevis Solutions embeds all this information onto the website and in the factsheets complying with the company’s corporate design to ensure a strong external presence for customers.

Sustainability is a top priority at Salm-Salm

As Salm-Salm is increasingly focusing on sustainable bonds, the visual integration of the ESG rating and carbon footprint information is especially important to our partner when it comes to presenting factsheets and website charts. The values are not only displayed as pure figures but are also shown in individually designed charts.
In addition, Anevis Solutions generates factsheets with client-specific data and supplements it with additional information requested by the client and provided by another service provider of Salm-Salm.

Integration of specific convertible bond metrics

As an expert in convertible bonds, Salm-Salm is, of course, highly interested in the presentation of convertible bond-specific metrics. Anevis Solutions, therefore, includes the monthly bond metrics, such as the average weighted delta, the distance to the bond floor, or the premium of the convertible bonds in the factsheets and website widgets. Comments written by the managers are added as well, mainly to complement the statistics and to inform investors about current developments quickly.

The results of the cooperation between Salm-Salm and Anevis Solutions are automated website widgets and printable factsheets that present all relevant fund details in an easily understandable way at a single view. In doing so, we create marketing materials that are individually customized to achieve the best results for our client.

If you would like to learn more about Anevis Solutions and our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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