zCapital AG is an independent asset manager based in Zug, Switzerland and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. It is specialized in swiss equities and manages two funds, which comprise more than 1.5 billion CHF.  zCapital provides their clients with monthly factsheets and daily updated website charts, which are created by Anevis Solutions.

A corporate design: The face of a Company

For a company, it is important to have a consistent appearance. To guarantee that, a corporate design is in place determining the look and feel of single documents, the website and other branding of the company. zCapital is no exception to that idea. This is why Anevis Solutions uses the given design language to create fitting fund documents. The design of the monthly updated factsheets aligns with the existing zCapital documents. Anevis Solutions also supports the existing website and implemented dynamic website charts with the same look and feel. The website charts allow investors to interact with their funds, e.g. evaluating their individual performance given their investment dates.

Dynamic website charts – compare fund performance to a benchmark: 

With the dynamic website charts created and updated by Anevis Solutions investors can see the fund prices on a daily basis. In addition the performance chart shows the fund performance in comparison to the Switzerland SPI Extra index. This is an index, which is calculated from Six Swiss Exchange. It includes all SPI titles except for the Switzerland bluechips.   To compare the fund to other investment opportunities with the same benchmark the Beta-factor is evaluated and visualized. Beta displays the correlation coefficient of your investment product with a benchmark (in our example the SPI Extra).

The factsheet

All these graphics and data are integrated into the printable and monthly updated factsheet. In addition, a management comment with more detailed fund information is included.To create a factsheet zCapital sends a file with the management comment directly to Anevis Solutions. The document engine automatically processes the file and adapts the data onto the factsheet.                                                                                                                    Also more generic data like the fund inception date, ISIN, the fund name or rating information like the morningstar rating etc. are included into the factsheet. To offer clients the opportunity to insert Morningstar or other ratings into their marketing material Anevis Solutions implemented interfaces to different rating agencies so that this information can be received easily and be put onto the factsheets without any work required from the clients directly.

The factsheet from zCapital also includes the monthly performance. To get some background information about the monthly performance, you can read our blog article Why summing up monthly performance numbers doesn’t match the annual performance.

If you would like to know more about Anevis Solutions and our service, feel free to contact us we would be happy to work with you.

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