Sparkasse KölnBonn is a part of the german savings bank finance group (Sparkasse Finanzgruppe) which consists of 381 saving banks (Sparkassen). Sparkasse KölnBonn is the second largest savings bank in germany and offers their clients monthly updated, individualized factsheets created by Anevis Solutions.

As mentioned, Sparkasse KölnBonn is part of the savings bank finance group. Thus a style guide exist which comprises different regulations to preserve the companies corporate identity. The factsheets, which are used as a marketing document show interesting fund information for investors and potential investors. To make the factsheets more attractive and appealing for potential investors, column charts, bar charts and pie charts are used.
Pie charts are being used to inform investors about the distribution of asset classes, sectors or the different regions. A column chart is used to show the yearly performance and a bar chart shows the credit ratings of the bonds. The credit rating shows the estimated ability of the debtor to pay the debt. To calculate the credit rating, different fund rating agencies offer their services. They calculate the credit rating and update it regularly, so the data doesn’t become outdated. The most famous credit rating agencies are Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch.

Special data process

Special about these factsheets is the data delivery. Anevis Solution receive the whole input, data, allocations time series e.g. from Sparkasse KölnBonn directly. This is different compared to other clients, where Anevis Solutions receives the fund data from their respective management company. Based on the fund data from Sparkasse KölnBonn Anevis Solutions creates monthly updated Factsheets.

Sub asset classes and their meaning

As already mentioned a column chart is used to display the asset classes or the diversification by region. To display more details about the asset classes, a chart shows the different kinds of asset classes. One of them is “bonds” which is further divided into sub asset classes, sorted by the type of the investments. Important to mention is that a sub asset classes is grouped by common characteristics.

To sum it up, Anevis Solutions can receive the fund data either from clients directly or from the respective management companies. Factsheets can be generated on a daily and monthly basis.
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