Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf is based in Düsseldorf and Monheim am Rhein. The company is a part of the german savings bank finance group (Sparkasse Finanzgruppe) which consists of 381 saving banks. Anevis Solutions creates daily updated factsheets and quarterly reporting for Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, which funds are administered by Société Générale Securities Services GmbH.

Factsheet design: The challenge of the typical saving bank design 

Special about this collaboration is the company design. The Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, as mentioned above, is part of the savings bank finance group. So a corporate design style guide exists. This style guide includes an exclusive font, which is used for all saving bank documents and a range of selected colors, for example the saving banks typical red. Moreover the well-known company logo, which looks like an S, has to be embedded according to the guide.
The objective of a design guide is to ensure a high degree of recognition. Of course, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf wanted to make sure that the factsheets fulfil their style guide standards. Thanks to our design team, Anevis Solutions created an attractive and modern design for the factsheets, which fit perfectly with the other advertising documents of Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf.

Multi stage allocations: Complex information layers displayed in straightforward graphics

The factsheets consist of the fund investment strategy, marketing comments, statistics, top positions and different allocation graphics. To show the performance of the fund since inception, a historical performance diagram and a bar chart which shows the percentual performance of the previous years, are included. Pie charts are used to display allocations, as they allow a quick and easy overview.

Special about the factsheets is the multi level asset allocation chart. On the first level all securities in the fund are separated by Equity/Certificates, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Cash. On a second level, those categories are further categorized by their geography, so eg. Equity North America, Equity Europe, etc. This demonstrates that Anevis Solutions is very dynamic and flexible in building factsheets and performing individualized analyses.

Anevis Solutions wide product range: Quarterly reports

In addition to the daily factsheets Anevis Solutions creates quarterly reports which have the same layout as the factsheets. Because these reports are used as a print document only, there are different print specifications, which had to be considered.

The Sparkasse Düsseldorf had specific requirements for their factsheets, like the inclusion of the corporate design and multi level asset allocations. The successful completion of this project showed that Anevis Solutions provides tailored solutions to create factsheets that individually represent your company and your investment approach. Also it proofs that individualism is not contrary to automatism.

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