FIDUKA-Depotverwaltung GmbH is a traditional and independent asset management company which was founded in 1971 by Gottfried Heller and André Kostolany. Both of them wrote articles, held lectures and were known for their seminars. Their basic values are independence, respect, farsightedness and integrity. To hold up these values, they have their factsheets created by Anevis Solutions.

Anevis Solutions creates different kind of factsheets for the funds of FIDUKA, which are administered by IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A..
All factsheet are daily updated and with the same corporate design, but they have a different structure, pictures and charts. The challenge in creating these factsheets was, that our design team had to be very flexible, in order to incorporate the different evaluations of the funds within one corporate design.

Chances, Risk, Charts and a Picture!

Special about the factsheets from FIDUKA are the pictures which are embedded. Sometimes, a picture can provide information faster and more strongly than charts or text. This is why every fund of FIDUKA has two individualized pictures. They not only reflect the nature of the fund but also makes it recognizable at first glance.
Furthermore the factsheets include extensive texts. There are text fields about different topics that deal with the fund. For example all factsheets include chances and risks, so that investors know if the fund suits their investment philosophy.
Some of the factsheets have an additional textfield, which offers further information, for example about the risk diversification or the countries in which the fund invests in.
Moreover one fund, whose investment strategy is based on Gottfried Hellers idea, includes a hint to his book “Die Revolution der Geldanlage”, which offers tips to achieve a successful securities portfolio.

This is a prime example for an individualized factsheet outside the norm, generated and updated by an automated process.
Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite©️ is our offer for companies like FIDUKA to create an individual and dynamic Factsheet to their imagination.

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