After 45 years of experience in the field of portfolio and asset management, DJE Kapital AG continues to strive for further development of its information services for its numerous funds. The optimal communication of the fund contents for the private and institutional sector, as well as for the customers in national and international markets, is the main focus in the creation of suitable sales and marketing materials. In addition to the factsheets of the Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite© (see part one) DJE also offers a dynamic website feed in cooperation with Anevis Solutions.

Website Feed: Special user experience with dynamic website charts

Through the support of Anevis, DJE can provide its clients a dynamic website feed. Anevis Solutions takes care of the extensive web integration of the content from the factsheets: By taking over the collection of data from different agencies, collecting them and finally enriching them individually. Years of financial mathematical expertise also enables Anevis Solutions to evaluate the values from the various data sources and thus guarantee a higher grade of quality.

Dynamic websites are characterized by the fact that they are generated anew each time they are called up, due to the frequently changing contents, e.g. the daily updated fund prices. In contrast to static websites, where a document once created is displayed unchanged over and over again, dynamic websites require a high degree of data organization and maintenance.

The generated website feed contains dynamic website charts that can be used to comprehensively display the fund data to the customer. Dynamic website charts offer the user an interaction that increases the experience and visualization of the presented information significantly. As a user, you have the feeling of having something “in your hand”. Numbers and statistical data become tangible and support the understanding. With website feeds from Anevis Solutions, DJE offers its customers a special experience of information transfer.

In addition to the code for comprehensively embedding the charts on the website, care was also taken to adapt the design of the charts to the corporate design of DJE Kapital AG. This ensures a holistic web presence that optimally presents the company to the public. Not only the visual appearance is individually tailored to DJE, but also the content. With their dynamic website charts created and updated by Anevis Solutions, investors can now view the fund prices on a daily basis. In addition, they can call up special fund features and allocations.

In the end DJE benefits from the outsourced expertise of Anevis Solutions, which saves them time and resources while minimizing manual errors. In this way DJE offers its clients factsheets and dynamic website charts on a daily basis while fully concentrating on its core competencies. But the project does not end there: In addition to factsheets and website charts, managed depots reporting was created together with DJE. Read more in our upcoming third part about the cooperation with DJE Kapital AG.

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