In addition to the individualized factsheets and dynamic website charts, Anevis Solutions works on the presentation of the managed depots with DJE Kapital AG. As an asset management company with years of experience, DJE can refer to one of the largest research teams which operates independently from banks and offers an optimal investment policy.

Managed depots: Individual investment strategy for every client

Every client has unique expectations of an ideal investment. Because the needs and life situations of the clients are very specific, a high degree of individuality is required when selecting investment funds. DJE offers three fund portfolios with its Managed Depots, thus offering the right investment strategy for every investor.
The investment guidelines of these portfolios are different in their various weighting of the maximum equity fund quota, according to DJE. Anevis Solutions supports DJE in the creation and presentation of their managed portfolios, so that resources can be used in the best way and the optimal management of the fund portfolios can be guaranteed at all times.

With this flexible way of asset management, DJE offers transparent online portfolio management and the monitoring of all value developments of the different portfolios including an alert about losses. But the service surrounding the managed depots does not end there. Anevis Solutions also offers the option of the model portfolio.

Model portfolios: Reporting based on estimated NAV

DJE Kapital AG offers a model portfolio for managed accounts. In these model portfolios Anevis can fully exploit its financial mathematical know-how. Based on the data provided by DJE, Anevis calculates an estimated NAV and factsheets as well as website charts on a daily basis.

The cooperation between Anevis Solutions and DJE Kapital AG shows a successful and comprehensive project with a high degree of individuality and automated, financial mathematical processes. We are pleased to support our partners in the creation of individualized factsheets on marketing and regulatory basis, dynamic website charts and flexibly managed depots with a special highlight being our model portfolios.

If you would like to know more about our service or about opportunities for collaboration, feel free to contact us, we would be pleased to work with you.

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