Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand is a family office founded by family members of their parent company, the framas group. The framas group was founded in 1948 and has evolved into a global market leader of plastic components for the sports industry and is now a major corporation operating around the globe.

The owners’ family experienced on their own account how hard it can be to acquire and protect wealth. This was the reason why the family members of the framas group founded the Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand to offer exclusive services to third parties as an independent company. This endeavour was especially notable because services offered by a family office with such a great combination of excellent asset managers often focus on target groups with very large assets. One key to their consolidated investment success is the combination of different investment styles. Diversity is also an important factor which helps to reduce the overall risk of investment portfolios.

Anevis Solutions is providing individualized Factsheets on a daily basis for Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand.

The collaboration between Anevis Solutions and Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand has existed since 2018. To display the allocations, performances and statistics (e.g. the sharpe ratio or volatility on the factsheets) Anevis Solutions cooperates closely with the investment company to fulfill their individual requirements.

Continuous Support in a changing environment

As the project started in 2018, Anevis Solutions received the required data from DZ Privatbank S. A. – but as we all know things don’t always go the way it was planned and the management company changed a few months ago.

The challenge for Anevis Solutions was to on the one hand continue the production of the factsheets on a daily basis so the client would not be affected by the change of the management company. On the other hand, it was important to display the same content that had been shown on their factsheets previously. In order to achieve this, our Project Management Team very successfully organized the ManCo change in great detail. As you can see, we work closely together with our clients to be able to best support them in the live process as well.

In the course of the management company change, Anevis Solutions additionally redesigned the factsheets for Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand. It was important for this redesign to follow the regulatory requirements of the new management company Axxion S. A.

Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand show the investment strategy, fund performance, different allocations e.g. country allocation or asset allocation, chances and risks and different statistics e.g. sharpe ratio on their factsheets. The allocations are divided into bonds and equities for their Multi Asset Funds. Also special about the asset allocation is that clients have the opportunity to do individual classification.

Anevis Solutions believes that the Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite, while bundling services for individualized factsheets, website support, sales presentations etc.,  is an evolving product. That is why our service does not stop after the implementation. With the challenges of a changing business landscape, we work hard to offer a continuous and stable solution, turning challenges into opportunities.

Should you wish to start creating individualized factsheets, feel free to contact us.

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