Inter-Portfolio Verwaltungsgesellschaft S.A. is an independent management company which was founded in 2000. It is a subsidiary from Freie Internationale Sparkasse S.A.. At the moment Inter-Portfolio manages thirteen funds with different share classes, which comprise more than 300 million euros. Their success comes from their entrepreneurial thinking, acting and management.

Factsheet design in cooperation with an external designer
To keep their different fund data up to date, they use daily updated factsheets from Anevis Solutions. During the process of creating these factsheets, Anevis Solutions collaborated with an external designer. The factsheets are designed in the company’s colors and font and include their logo. Therefore a style guide exists to ensure that the corporate design expectations from Inter-Portfolio are met. Now the factsheets are well designed within these guidelines and represent the corporate identity.

Fund data and different graphics
Anevis Solutions receives static data and fund information every night from an XML file produced by another market player. After processing the data, the factsheets include daily updated fund data. Moreover the factsheets show different allocation charts e.g. asset allocation, branches allocation or currency allocation.
Additionally a monthly comment is embedded. The monthly comment is written by the fund manager and includes some details about the fund trend over the last month or some political aspects which affect our economy.

Different statistics to calculate the risk of the fund: the shown risks of investing in a fund.
Inter-Portfolio offers its investors the opportunity to inform themselves about the various risks of investing in their fund. Therefore volatility, sharpe ratio, max. drawdown, time to recovery etc. are embedded into the factsheet.
The maximum drawdown for example describes the maximal loss an investor could have realized in the past by buying and selling at the worst possible dates. The statistic tells investors something about how risks are managed to avoid big drawdowns. The time to recovery indicates how much time a fund needed to recover fully from that maximum drawdown.
If you would like to get more information about how to calculate some risks, read our article How to calculate Volatility Correctly.

Anevis Solutions creates factsheets following the company’s needs and is open minded and happy to work with external designer to ensure the best result for their client. Moreover, Anevis Solutions embeds every kind of fund data which the clients require.

If you are planning to refresh your reporting and would like to show your investors individualized factsheets, feel free to get in touch with us.

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