Pilatus Partners AG is a financial service boutique specializing in fixed income with core expertise in fixed income asset management through direct investments. As an asset manager with “KAG” licence, they are subject to supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

Transparency and independence, preserving client assets over generations, professional risk management and a rigorous investment approach – these are all cornerstones of the success strategy of Pilatus Partners.
Anevis Solutions ensures that Pilatus Partners can successfully pursue its strategy with the help of individual and automated factsheets, thereby providing its customers with optimally prepared investor information.

Suitable factsheets for every asset class

Private and institutional reporting must meet different requirements. It is not only important to prepare the information in a way that is appropriate for the target group, but also to comply with the specific regulations in each case. Therefore Anevis offers suitable factsheets for every asset class. In addition, different target markets require specific regulatory requirements. Depending on the target market, adapted factsheets are therefore generated for Germany and Austria, which are optimally configured to the guidelines of the respective countries.

For this purpose, Anevis Solutions creates various templates for the different investment categories, so that Pilatus Partners can focus entirely on its core competencies and is equipped with private and institutional factsheets tailored to their target groups.

Customized factsheets: individual and automated

Anevis Solutions supports Pilatus Partners with individualized and daily updated factsheets. Fund-specific information is presented in a timely manner, such as monthly comments, various performance statistics and key investment positions. The capital management company regularly sends additional market data which are incorporated in the monthly updates.

All key figures that are important for potential investors when deciding to invest in the fund are of course included on the factsheets. By using pie charts, the issuer classification, bonds by duration, rating distribution and regions are visualized. The reporting also provides, for example, an overview of the investment policy, risk ratios or the risk and return profile. By this, the factsheets from Anevis Solutions bring the most important information succinctly to the point and create a clear yet informative reporting tool for Pilatus Partners.

The Pilatus Partners factsheets are also an example of the successful integration of customer input for the fixed income key figures. Individual classifications are used to sort and filter the fund’s positions. This gives the customer the option of individual classifications.

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