Automatically generated PDF documents, such as factsheets, should always show the same visual structure, which is important for the users. If the content is always in the same position, it is easier to quickly find the information you are looking for. To guarantee this to customers, we at Anevis Solutions have developed an image recognition software.

Due to software updates or other automatic changes in the toolchain the appearance of automatically generated documents may change. To find these changes just by looking at two different PDF documents, is a time-consuming process, coming along with huge staff costs. Also it is very difficult to identify every single change in two similar multi-page documents.

As a solution for this problem we internally developed a comparison software to identify changes and visualize them. This partial automation of the comparison process reduces time effort and thus the staff costs for quality assurance. In some cases it even can be avoided to manually check the compared documents at all.

As mentioned, the comparison software works for comparing PDF documents. These documents can consist of graphics and text. This means that there are two criteria for equality or similarity in a document; the optical content as well as a text content have to be checked.

Based on these information, the developed software provides answers to these question in the given order:

  • Is there an entire optical equality?
  • If there is no optical equality is there text equality?
    • e.g. because the identical text just has a different font
  • If there is a difference between the PDF documents, how huge is it?
  • How are the optical differences displayed?

To receive more information on how the comparison software works and its benefits, feel free to contact us.

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