Anevis Solutions’ internally developed image comparison software provides our customers with an additional quality check. How the differences are visualized will be explained in the following. 

To demonstrate the visualisation two sample files were created, which include the same text, but they contain differently scaled charts. To show the difference, the easiest way is to oppose the same page in the two documents side by side. But this kind of visualisation doesn’t highlight the differences. After an evaluation with several participants rating the visualisation we came to the conclusion that the following highlighting of differences is the best: Identical pixels are shown transparent and changed pixels are highlighted red. The overall quality of the visualisation depends of course on the resolution of the rasterized PDF pages.

Here you can see, how our internal software highlights differences between these charts:

Both documents include the same text, but the graphics are scaled differently. As you can see, the differences are marked red.

Here is an example how differences in the text are marked:
These documents differ a little bit in the text. The second has a slightly different content in the first line.

As you can see this tiny differences were detected:

To sum up: Our internal PDF document comparison software is one significant part of our quality assurance department. Here we ensure the best quality of our products for our customers.

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