We are happy to announce that our developers were able to realize an inhouse Webapp to offer our customers one further channel to communicate with our reporting engine.

As mentioned in Part I of our blog series, we are focused on our customers’ needs. So we decided to develop a Webapp which fulfills all requirements of our clients, including being able to easily adjust their reports by themselves. Furthermore, the development of an in-house Webapp was requested by our own project managers to facilitate their work process.
To really ensure that all requirements of our various customers are fulfilled, our developers had to add a lot of different features, some of these are presented below:

Manager Comments: As a part of our reporting services, we offer our customers the possibility of integration manager comments on an ad-hoc basis. Due to our Webapp you can easily change your comments as often as needed – it works simply like a standard word document, with this you can easily highlight, underline or italicize certain words or paragraphs, for example.

Email handler: If you have chosen email as the preferred delivery method, you can easily add or remove email addresses, for example if there is a restructuring in your company which results in another person being responsible.

Data Download: Through our data download feature you can download all previously created reports. Moreover, you can also select several documents and download them as zip files. They are always sorted by date.
If you are looking for a specific report you can use the search function to narrow down your search.

Of course our project managers will still be available and offer support for all your issues. Our customers can decide on their own if they want access to our Webapp or if our project managers should make all adaptations. The choice to use this service freely remains with our clients.

If you are interested in working with us and using our web app, feel free to contact us at contact@anevis-solutions.com!
We are happy to explain the Webapp and its functions in detail.


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