To highlight your strategy, we can help you with the creation of a unique design for your reporting.

There are two ways to accomplish this.

If you already have a corporate design that reflects your corporate identity, send us your style guide and your company’s logo. Based on those documents and other individual requirements we will be happy to design a report that includes your font, logo, colors, etc. If you already are one of our customers and your company design has changed, our team can make design adjustments as often as needed.

If your company does not have a corporate design yet our design team will help you. To get a better understanding of your company and your expectations regarding the design, we will schedule a meeting. During this meeting you can share information about your company and strategy, show previous reports and your logo and clarify all your requirements. Once the general terms are discussed, the design process starts:  The most important part is the selection of matching colors. Colors can trigger different feelings. Therefore, they should be well considered in the design process. Yellow, for example, is the color of the sun and represents light, optimism and joy. When choosing colors, it is also important to remember that they must match the logo.

When it comes  to typographie it is important that your document is easy to read. Fonts must be chosen wisely to ensure readability. Simple fonts are particularly suitable for this purpose. To emphasize certain text phrases or to structure the document, you can use different fonts – be careful and don’t follow the motto “ the more the merrier” .

It is important that the design matches your strategy. As mentioned in Part I of the INSIGHT series, you can present your portfolio’s structure with classifications and images to clarify your strategy. For this purpose, you can individually update and maintain the master data of your underlying securities. In combination with the design, you can decide what kind of charts you want to include in your reporting – e.g bar charts or allocation charts.

At the end of the design process we will present you a design that reflects your strategy and meets all your requirements.

If you would like to know more about our design process and are interested in a first design draft, feel free to contact us at


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