The first part of our Interview Series starts with Johannes Hauptmann, co-founder and CEO of Anevis Solutions.
This interview is all about working with Anevis Solutions to create reports, what challenges can arise, and what the future of reporting might look like.

What types of reporting does Anevis Solutions support its customers with?

In the marketing area, we support our customers in particular with the creation of digital and print factsheets, sales presentations, ESG and institutional reports.

In addition, we automate the generation of regulatory documents for our clients. These include besides others PRIIP KIDs with (C)EPT and EMT, UCITS KIIDs and, currently very relevant, SFDR and EU Taxonomy reporting and EET production and dissemination.

What is the advantage of working with Anevis Solutions?

We are a Reporting as a Service provider, we become part of our customers’ team.

Especially important is that we do not only offer software as a service but support our customers during the whole process, from consultation during the design process to support after the implementation of a project.

When working with us our customers can concentrate on their core competencies.

What makes Anevis Solutions unique?

What differentiates us from other reporting service providers is that our service is not only technical. We are not an IT provider but do “Reporting as a Service”. Particularly important is our dedicated quality assurance, which ensures that our service is always provided at the highest level.

In addition to the technical aspect, in the WhiteLabeling area for example we provide a complete first-level support for our partners.

Also for our direct customers a very high service level has priority for us – ask our customers about our performance.

What is the biggest challenge when creating reports?

The biggest challenge is a trade-off between individualization and price affordability. On the input level, individualization can arise through the collection of data from heterogeneous IT landscapes with varying frequency and quality. In addition, individualization at the data processing level is possible through the integration of individual statistics, classifications and visualizations.

A high degree of individualization is a contradiction to high scaling and its associated low price. The challenge is to find a healthy balance here.

Outlook for the future -what will change in financial industry reporting in the next few years?

The big topic of at least the next 5 years in the reporting area will in my view be sustainability. This important topic already made its way into the marketing area and is now gaining importance in the regulatory area as a result of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Investing heavily in research to combine the financial reporting with the new sustainability requirements will be key for all financial market participants and reporting service providers.

If you would like to know more about Anevis Solutions and our service, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work with you.

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