In the fourth part of our interview series, we want to introduce you to Katharina Roth. She is the team lead of our project management team and is responsible for the PRIIP KIDs in particular. With her mathematical background, she is the primary contact person in terms of calculations and PRIIPs internally and externally.

What kind of regulatory documents does Anevis Solutions create?

Anevis Solutions creates regulatory PDFs such as PRIIP KIDs, FIDLEG BIBs, UCITS KIDs and SFDR reporting.

We also create CSV exports for EMT, EPT and CEPT.

For the preparation of regulatory documents, we do the calculation of the SRI, the Summary Risk Indicator as well as the SRRI, the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator for our clients. These calculation results are exported as XML or CSV files.

What information do we need from customers in order to be able to create PRIIP KIDs and what key figures can be calculated by us?

We need different values and key figures to create regulatory documents.

To create the PDF documents, i.e. PRIIP KIDs, FIDLEG BIBs & UCITS KIIDS, we need, if available, the corporate design as well as individual texts on risks, investment strategy and legal information.

In addition, for PRIIP KIDs we need the calculations of MRM, CRM, SRI and performance scenarios.  For UCITS KIIDs we need the SRRI. For those calculations, we need the price history incl. distributions in sufficient length, if necessary with backfill – other share class, or benchmark.

If a share class is classified as flexible or CRM relevant, we also need the portfolio data incl. weight, issuer, the rating (for the CRM calculation) and asset as well as target allocation and benchmarks for all asset classes (for the calculation of the pro forma asset mix, if the PRIIP is marked as flexible).

For the creation of the EPT/ CEPT/ EMT files we need static values like texts, fees and further information about the share class or the fund.

How long does the setup of PRIIP KIDs take?

The initial setup of new customers can be more complex in the first step, as interfaces for price, portfolio and benchmark data have to be implemented so that data can be read in automatically. New PRIIPs for existing customers, on the other hand, can be set up quickly, as they only need to be inserted into the existing structure.

In this case, we need a setup file with all relevant information and data for the new funds and take care of the setup and calculations within a few days.

What is the advantage of creating PRIIP KIDs with Anevis Solutions?

There are several advantages when we take over the creation of PRIIP KIDs. We have an automated monitoring of SRI or SRRI changes and generation of the PDF documents that have to be published after a change. Furthermore, the KIDs can be created in an individual layout and an automated delivery of exports to financial data providers is possible.

If you would like to know more about Anevis Solutions and our service, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work with you.

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