antea is an asset and portfolio management company based in Hamburg, Germany, which was founded over 20 years ago.

Johannes Hirsch, Managing Director, and his team support the management and preservation of complex assets structures as well as the transition to future generations. In doing so, clients benefit from many years of experience and an excellent network of specialists. Likewise, excellent asset management has always been one of the central offerings.

Dealing with the complex challenges of the clients inspired antea to develop innovative solutions: In addition to the specific service forms of family office and asset management, selected investment strategies are also launched as fund solutions.

antea offers three different investment funds: The multi-award-winning antea fund with its balanced approach, the flexibly oriented antea Strategie II fund and the distribution-oriented antea Einkommen Global.«

Since its launch in 2007, the antea fund – a true multi-asset fund – has largely dispensed with fixed-income components and has a profit-generating effect for every asset structure within the framework of genuine asset optimization. In doing so, it relies on three key added values: the independence of the individual asset classes, the multi-manager approach and a low bond component. The antea fund has won several awards and is managed by five well-known management companies. In contrast, the portfolio management of antea Strategie II and antea Einkommen Global is carried out in-house.

To present the uniqueness of antea’s diversified funds to clients, Anevis Solutions assists in the creation of digital fund reporting.

Individualized and holistic solutions

As already mentioned, antea funds are unique. This is supported by various solutions from the Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite. This offers antea the possibility of holistic and individualized reporting:

We support antea in the creation of factsheets and website charts for all funds. These are tailored to the needs of the company. Therefore, we have adopted the corporate design as well as the individual classifications of the master data. In addition, we support the automated updating of PowerPoint presentations for the antea fund and the antea Einkommen Global. The creation of a presentation can be as individual as the creation of factsheets. For example, we have added some statistics orindustry classifications to the antea presentations compared to the factsheets. With the Anevis Marketing Suite, we offer you the collection, processing and automation of all data necessary for reporting and individually desired. This means that customers and prospects can always be provided with up-to-date factsheets, website charts and presentations.

In addition to pptx formats, we also provide the presentation as a PDF document.

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Disclaimer: The information is provided for promotional purposes and has been prepared with great care. Nevertheless, no liability is assumed for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the information. Source of all data, unless otherwise stated: antea. In accordance with the law, this is neither a sales prospectus nor the key investor information and does not replace individual advice. It is also not an offer to purchase the fund, but is intended solely for information purposes. The sales prospectus and the key investor information of the antea fund are available free of charge in German from antea ag, Neuer Wall 54, 20354 Hamburg. Capital Management Company: HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH, Kapstadtring 8, 22297 Hamburg, Germany.


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