Bantleon Bank AG is a specialist for economic cycle-based asset management with a focus on capital preservation combined with attractive returns based in Zug (Switzerland), Hanover and Munich (Germany).
Since its foundation in 1991 by Jörg Bantleon, the company has always followed the guiding principle “Above all, preserve capital! Then generate attractive returns with maximum concentration”.

With this guiding principle, Bantleon Bank AG has successfully built up an extensive customer base. Customers of the Bantleon funds include industrial companies, pension providers, banks, family offices and a large number of distribution partners. With the opening of selected institutional public funds in 2009, the customer base of private investors was expanded. In total, they manage 4.8 billion euro (5.1 billion Swiss francs) with 45 employees at their locations in Germany and Switzerland. Bantleon Bank AG also offers all its customers automated factsheets on a daily basis from Anevis Solutions.

Marketing materials such as factsheets are indispensable if you want to win over a target group for a financial product. Factsheets can visualize complex relationships and provide a quick overview of the investment funds’ investment goal. However, it is difficult to create factsheets tailored to different target groups because institutional and private investors have different needs. Anevis Solutions supports Bantleon Bank AG in this endeavour with individualized factsheets according to their different target groups.

However, not only the presentation of marketing materials in a target group-oriented manner is essential for a successful sales strategy, but also the visual elaboration: The corporate identity is the recognition value of a company and reflects its core attributes. Anevis Solutions creates factsheets for Bantleon Bank AG in its own corporate design. Each fund has a very individual face and is characterized by a unique image.

Bantleon Bank AG not only offers many investment funds, but also has them available in four languages. However, diversity does not always mean a lot of effort: The automated process of Anevis Solutions saves resources and helps to minimize manual sources of error. This allows Bantleon to concentrate fully on its core competencies.

In addition to numerous inputs, such as the graphical representation of the overall allocation, bonds by issuer category or modified duration for one year as well as the development of the equity ratio, the factsheets also offer special exposure handling for futures.

This is an excellent example of individualized factsheets outside of the ordinary, which are generated and updated by an automated process. Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite©️ is our product for companies like Bantleon to create individual and dynamic factsheets according to their ideas.

If you would like to know more about Anevis Solutions and our service, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work with you.

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