The Croft Financial Group is a Discretionary Portfolio Management and Investment Fund Management company, which is based in Toronto . They are serving investors and investment professionals through direct and referral-based relationships, customized to the objectives of each. Therefore their investment approach combines low-cost, tax-efficient indexed investment strategies, with targeted active management, and sophisticated option strategies to maximize client returns at any risk level.

Individualized factsheets 

To keep their data from their mandates and pools up to date, they use automated updated factsheets from Anevis Solutions. Each factsheet has the same structure or rather content. Instead of a management comment, which is often embedded as a text field, Croft wants to inform its customers in detail. Therefore Anevis Solutions implemented several text fields into the document, which informs customers about the investment strategy, investment objective or who can purchase the pool. Additionally to this individualized graphics are used.

The embedded graphics are different allocation charts. The first chart shows the security asset allocation in the fund. The second one shows the different sectors. The last allocation chart is categorized by their geography, so eg.United States and Canada. This demonstrates that Anevis Solutions is very dynamic and flexible in building factsheets and performing individualized analyses.

In addition to the content individualisation we individualize the factsheets graphically. The Croft Group already has a corporate design which reflects its corporate identity, so a corporate design style guide exists. This style guide includes a font as well as a range of selected colors. Moreover the company logo has to be embedded according to the guide.

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