Die Sparkasse Bremen is the Hanseatic city’s market leader for financial services, with a balance sheet total of more than 15 billion Euro, a 1,100-strong workforce and around 70 branches. Established as an independent savings bank by citizens of Bremen in 1825, it is now one of the largest savings banks in Germany. A strong partner for medium-sized companies, it supports entrepreneurial growth with industry expertise and local competence.

Sparkasse Bremen has been one of our customers since 2020. At Anevis Solutions, we put our customers first. That is why it is especially important to adapt to our customers’ needs and grow with them. Some of our products have therefore even been created at the request of customers.

Sparkasse Bremen uses several products from our Marketing Suite. In the first part of our blog series with Sparkasse Bremen, however, we will focus on our absolute core competence, individualized reporting and here namely factsheets.

We create several factsheets for Sparkasse Bremen. The factsheets are updated monthly. The factsheet design is strongly oriented towards the style guide of the Sparkasse. The integration of the corresponding red color “Sparkassen-Rot” and corresponding fonts ensure that the factsheets are recognizable at first glance.

Factsheets are an optimal way to visualize complex data and create a quick overview for potential investors. They therefore are essential marketing material to attract a target group for a financial product. Therefore, in addition to master data, distribution data and performance figures, several graphics and ring charts were implemented on the factsheets for visualization.

Our customers can individually determine which information should be displayed in which form. Sparkasse Bremen has decided to display the performance of the fund as a line chart. In order to get a more detailed overview of the performance of the funds, the performance of the last 12-month periods is also displayed as a column chart.

Multi-colored ring charts show the asset allocation or country, industry and currency allocation. The use of colors for better visualization is always coordinated individually with the customer. It is particularly important that the colors match the rest of the factsheet, i.e. the style guide of the respective customer if available, and thus the corporate design. In addition, an overview of the top 5 positions is displayed as a table in the desired design.

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of customizing your factsheets, please contact us at contact@anevis-solutions.com


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