EB-SIM focuses on the impact of its investments – With ESG reports from Anevis Solutions

EB- Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM) is one of the leading asset managers for sustainable investments. The company is based in Kassel and is a subsidiary of the Evangelische Bank (EB).

Based on its sustainable strategy, EB-SIM will focus on the impact of its investments in the future. Therefore, ESG reports are used to illustrate how the investments deal with sustainable and social aspects as well as good corporate governance.
These reports make the sustainability of their portfolios more transparent for the investors and help them easily understand the chances and risks of their investments.

Collaboration with Anevis Solutions

Anevis Solutions supports EB-SIM with the creation of these ESG-Reports. The reports are based on the Paris climate agreement and United Nations’ agenda 2030 with their sustainable development Goals (SDGs).
Anevis Solution is creating the daily updated reports for the public funds of EB-SIM. Additionally to the factsheet data, the reports include various data regarding the sustainability or governance of the funds. These include gender equality or climate protection measures. As explained in our blog article about the individual solutions, EB-SIM receives reports which are content-related and graphically individualized.

Datenquelle: MSCI ESG Research

Furthermore, ESG reports for institutional Investors and wholesale -sales partners are created. These reports differ regarding their extent and inform investors on a 30-page report about the most relevant sustainability-related issues.

To receive more information about the current status or our individualized ESG-/ SFDR-Reporting solutions, feel free to contact us or feel free to read our blog series about ESG Reporting.

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