Freiburger Vermögensmanagement GmbH is an owner-managed and independent company founded in 1998.

The focus of all activities of Freiburger Vermögensmanagement is the success of its customers. That is why Freiburger Vermögensmanagement develops customized solutions that fit its customers and their life situation. The goal is a long-term and trusting cooperation with customers. Particular emphasis is therefore placed on transparency towards their customers.

Content Individualization 

The transparency approach that is lived at Freiburger Vermögensmanagement is also reflected in the factsheets that we create for them. The investment process is therefore described and graphically illustrated on the second page.

In addition to the monthly updated manager comments, a two-page text has been included on the factsheet, which takes a closer look at the fund’s strategy. This text is updated on a quarterly basis in order to keep customers optimally informed.

Both opportunities and risks of an investment are shown on the factsheets. In addition to that, it is also explained in more detail for whom the investment in the financial product is suitable.The master data are listed on the factsheets for two share classes. This allows an optimal comparison of different share classes

Design individualization

The factsheets were also individualized in terms of design. The fonts and colors for charts were chosen according to the CI of Freiburger Vermögensmanagement. An individual design can not only be achieved through the selection of CI-compliant fonts and colors, images can also be integrated on a factsheet.
On the Factsheets of Freiburger Vermögensmanagentent for example, there is a picture of Feldberg on the first page, which is about 40km away from Freiburg.

Besides that, a QR code is displayed on the last page of each factsheet that links directly to the Freiburger Vermögensmanagement website, where customers can get more information about Freiburger Vermögensmanagement and their investment products.

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