Globalance Bank was founded in 2011, but its history goes back even further, as the first sustainable asset manager, Sustainable Asset Management, was established as early as 1995. Today, the sustainability approach remains a top priority at Globalance. In addition to investment success through diversification and cost efficiency, Globalance focuses on purpose.

Globalance invests in Zukunftbeweger, i.e. companies that respond to worldwide megatrends and develop solutions for global challenges.
This positioning is thus aimed at investors who are aware of their responsibility and want their assets to have a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment.
For this reason, Globalance World was launched in 2020. Globalance World is a digital world map that investors can use to assess the future viability and sustainability of their investments, and that shows the complex interrelationships of financial investments and their impact.

Globalance has been one of our customers since 2019 and we create various factsheets for them.

The design of the factsheets is based on Globalance’s CI. According to this, the yellow color, which can also be found in the logo, was used. The use of colors is a very important part of a design, because colors evoke emotions. The color yellow conveys a particularly positive feeling.
Various text fields such as the investment strategy and the opportunities were therefore also highlighted in this color. On the first page, a color-matching image was included to create a visually appealing design element.
The very clean and clearly structured design of the factsheets ensures clarity and allows their customers to focus on the compelling facts and key figures of their products.

The content of the factsheet was specially adapted to the Globalance approach described above.

As already mentioned, transparency in regard to the impact of investments has a very high priority at Globalance. In order to enable this transparency on the factsheets, several information fields, graphics and tables have been included on the factsheet.

It therefore contains information on the Zukunftbeweger fund and its investment strategy as well as an investment commentary, which is updated monthly and is therefore always up to date. Opportunities and risks of an investment are also presented transparently on the factsheet.

The Globalance Footprint is particularly noteworthy. It evaluates the contribution of the investment to sustainable foundations for economic prosperity, the future viability of society and the preservation of our natural resources and is presented in a graph on the first and second page.

The 10 portfolio stocks, which are divided into core stocks and future movers, are also evaluated according to the Globalance Footprint scale.

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