Hoerner Bank AG is an independent private bank based in Heilbronn. The foundations for Hoerner Bank AG were laid in the year 1849 with the establishment of an “Agency for Emigrants to America”. In 2022, they were awarded for the fourth time in a row as one of the best asset managers in Germany. A part of their service is offering their customers two funds. To inform their clients about the risk and chances accompanying these funds, they use the numerous products of Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite.

Our Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite offers SaaS solutions for individualized and automated print and online marketing for collective and structured investment products. Therefore, we create a variety of marketing documents such as print factsheets, digital factsheets or sales presentations.
Hoerner Bank chose to use various products of the Anevis Marketing Suite.
We provide our customers with factsheets in two different forms.
We create print factsheets that we provide to our customers as PDF documents. Besides that, we also create digital factsheets by displaying the information from the print factsheet in the form of interactive website charts on the website. Sales presentations can be used to round off the marketing strategy.

Hoerner bank achieves holistic fund marketing by receiving all of their documents solely from Anevis Solutions. All documents are coordinated with each other, resulting in consistent content and design.
Having only one contact person in all matters is also a very big advantage.
With our fast and reliable customer service via direct contacts, our team is always a reliable partner for our customers.

Design wise, all documents mirror the Corporate Identity of Hoerner Bank. We achieved this by individualizing each document and embedding the logo as well as the company colors into every single one of them.

Additionally, to the individualization of the design, we perfectly tailor the content to the needs of our partner.
Individual classifications are used to sort and filter the positions of the fund. The ICM (individual classification model) is used to sort the share classes into four categories. Upon receiving a new unclassified position, we immediately inform Hoerner Bank so that they can start the process of classifying the asset.
Moreover, a market comment with more detailed fund information is included. So Hoerner Bank is able to inform its investors on a regular basis about current, relevant topics.

With these major marketing benefits, Hoerner Bank is able to communicate their award-winning expertise in a clearer and much more comprehensible way, which results in a much better overview for potential new investors.

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