Based on a customer request, Anevis Solutions has expanded its product portfolio and offers its customers individualized and automated sales presentations as part of the Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite since 2020.

As you can see, we are open to develop products tailored to your needs.

The process

A sales presentation consists of several components, e.g. general information about the company and topics about the investment. Moreover detailed product information concerning the fund is included. Usually sales presentations and factsheets present similar data such as classifications, charts and relevant fund data.

If a customer requests a sales presentation, we create the part of the presentation that contains the product information. The customer is responsible for creating the slides that contain general information, actual trends etc.
Next, we implement a template in  pptx format  that contains the daily updated data that can be individualized. The template is available on our server. If customers want to change something in their presentation or add information, they can download the template. After the changes are made, the template must be uploaded on our server and the pptx files need to be regenerated. Then, the powerpoint with all relevant data is finished. Now our customers can download their up to date presentation.  It is important to mention that the pptx slides can be adjusted as many times as needed.


Our IT- infrastructure is designed exclusively for fully automated reporting so manual errors can be avoided. In addition, it offers the possibility that daily updated documents are created. There are further advantages regarding the individualization of the presentation. The sales presentations can be individualized graphically and in terms of content. We can e.g. incorporate your company’s logo and corporate design. Regarding the content, we can highlight your strengths by using specific graphics, individual classifications or management’s comments.

If you want to learn more about the process of individualisation, read Part IV of our blog series insight anevis

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