Apo Asset Management GmbH is a reputable German securities institution headquartered in Düsseldorf. The company was founded in 1999 by Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank deG (German Pharmacists and Doctors Bank) and Deutsche Ärzteversicherung AG. Initially, the institute specialized in the management of special funds, but then expanded its range of services to include mutual funds. The management is in the hands of Heiko Opfer, Claus Sendelbach and Timm Klebb.

A central focus of Apo Asset Management GmbH is on multi-asset investments as well as funds in the healthcare sector. The company specifically seeks investment opportunities in a continuously growing healthcare market and is considered one of the leading providers of investment products with a focus on healthcare.

The company, with which we have been working since 2019, pays special attention to the presentation of information for its clients. Each factsheet created by Anevis Solutions contains an image adapted to the fund and is divided into various sub-items. The goal is to present the information in the most structured way possible, so that clients have an accurate overview of all relevant fund information.

In particular, the two-column layout and the colors used contribute to good clarity and a clear structure.

Based on this, customers can easily understand the prepared portfolio structure and the performance, advantages and disadvantages of the fund and identify the best positions of the fund.

The clear focus on the healthcare sector and the careful presentation of investment information make Apo Asset Management GmbH a reliable and respected partner for investors looking for opportunities in the ever-growing healthcare market. Through its visionary approach and strong partnerships, Apo Asset Management continues to pave the way for successful healthcare investments in Germany and beyond.

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