Cooperation between Anevis Solutions and BayernInvest

BayernInvest is a capital management company based in Munich and Luxembourg. BayernInvest’s mission is to bring sustainability and profitability into harmony. The company focuses on strong fund strategies and investment solutions with convincing performance. Sustainable assets impress with better risk-adjusted performance and increased resilience.

We create for BayernInvest SFDR reporting and PRIIP KIDs from our Regulatory Suite as well as individual and flexible reporting like factsheets (digital and print) and PPTX Slides from our Marketing Suite. Special attention is focused on the design. The color elements are provided in the corporate colors blue and gray.

In terms of content, care is taken to ensure a high degree of transparency, so the website contains information on the investment and sustainability approach as well as dynamic website charts. By reloading the page the dynamic website charts are updated. This allows various metrics and graphs, e.g. for performance, to be displayed on the website. In contrast, static websites do not have regular updates and show the same unchanged content on every visit. Using factsheets in digital and print versions provides a solid foundation for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Digital factsheets require careful data organization and management, which is handled by Anevis Solutions.

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