Dickemann Capital is an owner-managed, bank-independent financial service provider founded in 2008 by Jürgen Dickemann. The founder and board members have over 20 years of experience in the financial field. Their investment approach is fundamental- and value-oriented.

Dickemann Capital continuously tries to minimize the risk for its clients through various measures. The shareholder and portfolio manager, Mr. Jürgen Dickemann, has invested the majority of his assets in his funds in order to increase the security of the clients’ money.
The flexibility of the funds is further increased by actively managing the share ratio. Eventually, Dickemann Capital focuses on companies with a proven and sustainable business model and competitive advantages.

In the process of creating marketing products here at Anevis, we constantly try to capture our client’s unique set of selling propositions to transfer and portray them in the factsheets. In the case of Dickemann Capital, we intended to mediate their extensive concern for transparency, and the security of their customer’s assets, as well as their individual and flexible investment approach.

In this course, emphasis was placed on informing the customers about the possible risks of investing by embedding the content of risk disclosure and the investment strategy. However, the benefits of investing are conveyed to the customers by displaying the awards and achievements of the funds, backing them up with various performance representations.


The factsheet itself is divided by a one-third/ two-thirds split. This enables the customer to absorb all the necessary key figures quickly. For personal reference and integrity, the fund manager and founder of Dickemann Capital, Jürgen Dickemann, is portrayed on the factsheet with name and picture. It is worth mentioning that next to the risk disclosure, we further dedicated a whole page to legal notices and computational methods of risk key figures and ESG criteria conformity.

We further individualized the factsheets by styling them according to Dickemann’s CI. Nuances of blue were used for the allocation charts, the performance chart and tables as well as for the key information section. Through this, we were able to develop a visually appealing, harmonized commercial document.

Particularly noteworthy is the performance since 2004 and the presentation of the largest equity positions and the largest bond positions.

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