Grohmann & Weinrauter VermögensManagement GmbH is a German company based in Königstein im Taunus, which specializes in fund management and investment consulting. Since its foundation in 1991, the company has been successfully active in the market. The primary mission of Grohmann & Weinrauter VermögensManagement GmbH is to offer its clients customized, professional and transparent asset management based on long-term, stable and sustainable results.
A high value is placed on close cooperation with clients in order to understand their individual needs and goals and to develop individual solutions based on these.

The claim “Those who master the management of risks can seize opportunities” originates from Grohmann and Weinrauter.
The two entrepreneurs set up their own business in 1991 as pioneers in the field of bank-independent investment consulting. Their goal was to be active risk managers and not passively at the mercy of price losses on the capital markets, either for themselves or for their clients. These goals continue to influence the firm’s thinking and work ethic.

Grohmann & Weinrauter has been working with Anevis Solutions since 2019. Especially at the beginning of a project, a close cooperation with our partners is of great importance. Together with our partners, our colleagues go through several draft phases to create the final factsheet. Through this close cooperation and iterative process, we can ensure that the final factsheet exactly meets the needs and requirements of the customer.

The layout of Grohmann & Weinrauter’s factsheets reflects the company’s commitment to focus on numbers and results. The customized factsheets contain several charts that allow the performance of the respective fund and its performance to be viewed in detail in various graphs.
The company attaches great importance to a purely fact-based approach in order to carry out a smooth weighing of opportunities and risks.
As a result, customers should not feel any pressure or be forced to move, even in times of crisis. Regular evaluation and daily preparation of the factsheets ensure that customers can consciously make their decisions on the basis of up-to-date data.

However, in addition to general individualization and alignment with the company’s CI, it is also possible to individualize the factsheets for specific funds. For Grohmann and Weinrauter, for example, we created an extra text field for the ORDO endowment fund, which was launched back in 1973, describing the fund’s history.

In addition to the factsheets, we also create a daily portfolio export for other funds. This is an overview of all positions in a portfolio, e.g. with weight, labels and risk data for the individual portfolio positions.
With this data Grohmann und Weinrauter is able to provide a perfect fund overview, including hedges for reporting to clients in the asset management program PM1 on the platform AM One.


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