Since 1992, the owner- and management-led Vermögensmanagement EuroSwitch has been considered a pioneer of bank-independent fund-based asset management in Germany. Together with its customers, EuroSwitch defines investment guidelines that form the binding basis for its actions. In addition, the company places particular emphasis on available risk capacity – because asset management is always risk management too.

Since 2020 EuroSwitch is one of our customers. They have chosen factsheets from our Anevis Marketing Suite, which are available on a daily basis. Through the daily updated factsheets, EuroSwitch can increase their transparency and inform their customers about respective funds.

We individualized the factsheets by adapting them to the corporate identity of EuroSwitch! The portfolio structure and diagrams were made recognizable with the colors blue and gray, so we were able to develop a visually appealing, consistent business document.

Particularly noteworthy is the presentation of awards, which ensures immediate trust with the customer.

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