Dynamic Website Widget

Website widgets are a great way to make your online presence more appealing, dynamic and interactive. This way, you can not only effectively showcase your product data but also provide your visitors with the opportunity to interact with your content in an interactive manner. This not only makes your web presence more vibrant but also creates an engaging user experience.

What are website widgets?

Website widgets, also called charts, are interactive and dynamic elements that are updated in real time on your web page. They provide an engaging display of information, data, and graphics and can be easily integrated into the web display as well as various content management systems.

Advantages of Web Charts

Web charts provide many benefits to website owners and their visitors. These elements make it possible to make your homepage more visually appealing and functional. Moreover, interactive widgets increase user engagement and provide a more lively experience on your website. Moreover, they contribute to the timeliness of your web presentation by providing real-time data. Website charts also provide an effective way to present complex information in performance charts, tables, or interactive graphs in an engaging way.

How to include widgets on your website

Integrating widgets is straightforward and requires only a few lines of code. You can easily add them to any content management system or website and the information displayed will be provided in real-time by your platform. When designing the widgets, make sure that they reflect your corporate identity so that your individual strategy can be emphasized in the best possible way. Also, customize the content to your target audience to meet their needs.

Examples of successful website charts

Some companies are already successfully using website widgets to appeal to investors:

One example is Antea AG’s dynamic visualization of interactive allocation graphs and performance charts as well as tables. The colors and fonts were adapted in line with the corporate design. As a result, the website provides a comprehensive overview of the investment fund, enabling investors to find important information quickly and easily. This is particularly important when investors want to make an informed decision about their investments.

Website Widget Antea

The SALM-SALM & PARTNER GMBH website provides a comprehensive overview of the fund and its investment strategy through the use of allocation and bar charts and tables. It provides important information that enables investors to better understand the fund and determine if it fits their investment objectives and needs.

Website Widget Salm-Salm

Website Widget Salm-Salm

Website Widget Salm-Salm

The web presentation of LLB Swiss Investment AG is characterized by its clear and informative presentation of performance graphs. It allows users to easily track the fund’s performance over different time periods. The clear presentation of key figures and data provides investors with a quick insight into the fund’s performance. In addition, relevant information is placed in a highly visible manner.

Website Widget LLB Swiss Investment AG

Website Widget LLB Swiss Investment AG

Tools for integration

Anevis Solutions offers you the option to integrate widgets on your website. It is possible to design and customize the charts according to your individual preferences and in compliance with your style guide. This visual customization ensures that your web presence has a consistent and professional appearance. In addition to this, you can customize the content of your website charts based on the data you provide. This allows you to analyze and visualize the results to best meet your needs.  Website widgets can be used in different contexts. You can reuse your content and supplement it with factsheets in print. In addition, detailed analysis, institutional reporting and ESG reporting can be created. Our widgets are of the highest technological standard, ensure reliable server availability and are secure through SSL/TLS encryption.

If you are interested in creating and integrating widgets for your own homepage, we are at your disposal. Our experts will help you optimize your website by implementing interactive and highly appealing widgets. If you would like more information about Anevis Solutions, feel free to contact us: contact@anevis-solutions.com. We look forward to working with you and being a valued part of your team.


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