The workflow of our products, you know them as Anevis Solutions Marketing Suite and Anevis Solutions Regulatory Suite, comprises different steps. If you pass through these, you will receive individualized and customized reporting fulfilling all your needs.

Step 1: If you want to get in touch with us to receive more information or an offer, please contact us via phone or write an email to Shortly afterwards one of our team members will contact you, answer your questions and discuss all of your needs and requirements. If you decide to work with us you will receive a contract which includes all details. After that one of our project managers will get in touch with you to discuss our project in detail. They will ask you to provide us with as much input as possible, for example your strategy, strengths and / or your Corporate Design.

Step 2 + 3: After clarifying every detail, we contact your management company or administrator to organize a regular data transfer. In most cases we already have a data interface to your manco – if not, we will implement one. If you’d want us to integrate further data from other data sources into your reporting we can implement additional data interfaces. You only have to take care of licensing that data, being able to automatically process it is our part. Subsequently the designing phase starts, in which we will take your individual requirements into account and create a report tailored perfectly to your Corporate Design.

Step 4: After finishing the first draft, we send the draft report with sample data for you to check it and wait for your first feedback. We are happy to make adjustments at this step so that it fulfills all of your requirements. Once several drafting rounds have been completed and once you are satisfied with the result the implementation phase starts and our IT-division implements the automated report compilation including also highly complex data processing methodologies and calculations.

Step 5: Your project manager will contact you to present the final report containing real life data and you can start using it for your marketing.

Step 6: The last step comprises different delivery methods. During the process you can decide which way you want to receive your reporting. For example via email, a web hosting link or SFTP/FTP. Choose the variety that suits your company best.

As you can see there are various steps in implementing your individual reporting. Of course our service also includes the implementation of monthly manager comments and our team is always ready to help you with any requests you may have.

If you would like to know more about our process, feel free to contact us at

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