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Effectual represents sustainable investing based on the economic theory of externalities – objective, extensive and comprehensible. The Effectual® Sustainable Return (ESR) internalizes societal costs and benefits (“externalities”) in the investment decision. By taking financial and sustainability criteria into account, Effectual aims to allocate capital in a way that brings about sustainable economic transformation. Effectual’s services include advising and supporting institutional investors and licensing the ESR principle for sustainable investment products such as the Effectual Capital Fund.

The Effectual Capital Fund factsheet is characterized by its modern design and comprehensive provision of information. The following presents the five-page factsheet.

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The factsheet designed by Anevis is structured and informative. It begins with a cover page, on which the date is noted, followed by the second page, which contains important information on Fund Information, Investment Strategy and Historical Performance. The third page presents Expected Sustainable Return, Externalities and Key Sustainability Indicators. The fourth page provides insights into Active Sector Weights, Top 10 Investments and Historical Monthly Net Performance. Finally, the last page contains share class information, information on service providers, contact details and a disclaimer. This careful organization enables investors to gain a comprehensive overview of the product. Effectual has used clear bar charts and tables to present the data to provide investors with a clear and understandable presentation.

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