It is with great pleasure and pride that we congratulate our valued clients, GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft, on an outstanding achievement: Dr Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle have been named “Fund Managers of the Year 2024” by the renowned jury of Finanzen Verlag.

This prestigious award, symbolised by the “Golden Bull”, underlines the excellent work and commitment of Dr Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle. Their many years of success, particularly in the GANÉ Global Equity Fund and the ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fund, are reflected in this important recognition.

The award ceremony in Munich in March will surely be a highlight and well-deserved moment for the entire GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft team. As Anevis Solutions, we are proud to be a part of this success and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Congratulations, Dr Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle, on this well-earned award!

For more information about the “Golden Bull” award, GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft and the fund manager duo, please click on the link to the article below.

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