Our partner, Serafin Asset Management, presents itself with a clear commitment to consistency, evidence-based practices and a strong customer focus as a modern asset manager with a deeply rooted mission: to create active added value for its valued clients. The company strives to combine human expertise with technological know-how in a unique way. With a dedicated team of over 30 employees, Serafin Asset Management stands for stability, long-term thinking and fair interaction with customers and employees. Serafin Asset Management has successfully evolved over the years through the launch and acquisition of various funds, with the company’s approach based on evidence-based decisions and deep market analysis.

Thanks to the close and flexible cooperation with Anevis Solutions, the rebranding of Serafin Asset Management was successfully realized. The design of the factsheets was adapted to the company’s new corporate design. 

The factsheets (using the AMG Europa fund as an example) are characterized by the detailed presentation of the fund performance and strategy as well as the clear reproduction of the current fund data. The factsheets provide a comprehensive overview of the development of the funds, including specific investments that have influenced the performance and also show the detailed allocations in the various sectors, currencies and/or domiciles.

The clear and structured design ensures clarity and transparency so that clients can clearly see the important facts and figures.

Marketing material such as factsheets are essential for attracting a target group to a financial product. Factsheets can illustrate complex relationships and provide a quick overview of investment objectives. If you would like to find out more about the possibility of customizing your factsheets, both in terms of content and design, please contact us at contact@anevis-solutions.com. We would be happy to work with you.

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