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Adapting to a Growing ETF Market

4 weeks ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

If you were to bring up ETFs at a cocktail party twenty years ago, you may have been looked at with some level of derision. Today, talk of these investment vehicles is so prevalent you may find yourself being asked about different types of index funds by the cashier at your local grocery store. ETFs […]

How to Calculate Volatility Correctly

2 years ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

Volatility is a highly important component in many different investment strategies, but it is also a measure that is not commonly understood, especially when looking at the calculation in detail. In this article we wanted to review the two different approaches of calculating volatility commonly encountered in the market or when looking at different fund factsheets. Investment […]

Properties of linear, discrete and continuous returns

2 years ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

In this week’s article I wanted to dig a little deeper into the financial maths side of statistical measures. I thought it would be helpful to explain and prove some very important properties of linear, discrete and continuous returns. In common literature only discrete and continuous returns are analyzed as those are the only ones most […]

A closer look at fund returns; Fund Performance metrics to successfully differentiate your fund

2 years ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

It should be a simple enough question: what is the performance of your investment fund? However, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. For Investors it is imperative to earn a competitive return. This is best illustrated through a fund’s performance, which can seem simple to display but can be especially challenging […]

5 Statistics that all investors want to see on a fund fact sheet

3 years ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

  One of the most important aspects for fund managers and investors alike to consider is which essential fund statistics should be included on all fund fact sheets. You can think of these as the fact sheet ABCs, or rather the ABCDEs (because we will cover 5 of them). Having the right Investment statistics is […]

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