Collaboration between Anevis Solutions and Steyler Ethik Bank

3 weeks ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

The Steyler Ethical Bank is an ethical and ecological credit institution. The bank was founded in 1964 by the steyler missionaries and is managing money following ethical point of views. This attitude of being fair, keeping the peace and preserving the creation can also be found in their approach to fund management. For their method […]

Besides shorting – what can cause the weighting of assets in an allocation statistic to get negative?

2 months ago by Tanja Schicklberger Tanja Schicklberger

Negative numbers in the asset allocation The asset allocation is one of the most important components of a portfolio reporting as it represents the individual investment strategy. The percentage distribution of e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities and cash indicates the level of risk and thus the expected return. Most of our customers use asset allocations within […]

Benefits of a Scalable Architecture

5 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Scalability is an important consideration throughout many different areas of financial services and in recent years technological innovation has pushed the level of importance and the discussion around scale even further. At Anevis we have worked with a lot of clients these past few years where we have seen directly how important scalability is for […]

The Growing Role in Outsourcing for Investment Management Teams

6 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Various references in financial publications recently highlight the challenging world of investment management, where there is an intensely competitive market environment to capture fund inflows, reduce fees and remain competitive in the challenging world of asset management. One key way that managers are looking to remain competitive is by reducing their management fees, becoming ever […]

Asset Allocation in Perspective

7 months ago by Mirco Raddatz Mirco Raddatz

Asset allocation is the DNA of an investment strategy and defines the fund. A fund’s specific asset allocation is the mix of asset classes and weighting which will produce the optimal result that aligns with the stated strategy’s investment mandate. Understanding a fund’s asset allocation mix is essential to understanding the definition of the strategy […]

5 Statistics that all investors want to see on a fund fact sheet

8 months ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

  One of the most important aspects for fund managers and investors alike to consider is which essential fund statistics should be included on all fund fact sheets. You can think of these as the fact sheet ABCs, or rather the ABCDEs (because we will cover 5 of them). Having the right Investment statistics is […]

GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft named “Fund Manager of the Year 2019“

9 months ago by Johannes Hauptmann Johannes Hauptmann

Since its launch 10 years ago, the two professional fund managers have been in charge of the ACATIS GANÉ Value Event fund. The fund, for which GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft receives its daily updated individualized Factsheets from Anevis Solutions, is managed impeccably with an unique mix of value-strategy and event selection. This is why the jury of […]

Collaboration between Anevis Solutions and Universal-Investment

10 months ago by Anita Colvin Anita Colvin

A cooperation with Anevis Solutions offers huge benefits for investment managers and management companies. Universal-Investment, the largest independent investment company in German-speaking countries, is collaborating with Anevis Solutions to fulfill individual reporting requirements of their clients. upgrade!, Universal-Investment’s news format, interviewed Michael Münch, deputy head of the capital markets department at Kreissparkasse Biberach, and Johannes […]