FERI AG is an investment house in the German-speaking region with headquarters in Bad Homburg and six further offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. For more than 30 years, FERI has been conducting asset management with its own research.  FERI’s success is based on analyzing the entire asset structure and investments and then developing customized solutions for institutional investors, family assets and foundations.

FERI describes its own corporate responsibility as anticipating relevant trends, analyzing complex interdependencies and their impact on the economy and financial markets, and using the insights gained to benefit our clients.

We provide FERI with factsheets in German and English for various funds. During the design process of the factsheets, special attention was paid to FERI’s CI. Therefore the factsheets were provided with blue or orange color elements. On the first and last page of the factsheets, a section of an image is shown. This differs from fund to fund. The factsheet for each fund can be individualized in this way. Nevertheless, the basic design and structure of the factsheets remains the same for all funds to ensure recognizability.

In terms of content, care was taken to include as much information as possible for customers in order to ensure a high level of transparency. The factsheet therefore contains texts on investment suitability, the investment objective and the investment philosophy.

In addition to factsheets, we also create digital factsheets using dynamic website charts for FERI. Dynamic websites are characterized by the fact that they are generated anew each time they are called up, due to the frequently changing contents. Various key figures as well as graphics, such as the performance, can thus be displayed on the website. In contrast to static websites, where a document once created is displayed unchanged over and over again, digital factsheets require a high degree of data organization and maintenance.
That’s why a cooperation with us is so beneficial.

The use of factsheets and website charts provides a good base for a holistic marketing strategy. If you would like to know more about Anevis Solutions and our service, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work with you.

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