Interactive Webchart Components

Our key webchart capabilities enable you to dynamically drill down into performance data, flexibly viewed as graphs, tables, or allocation amounts. We also offer the flexibility to capture results over adjustable investment horizons, so you can adjust fund’s performance data on the web as you want them to be displayed.
Interactive Webchart Components
Easy webchart implementation to any CMS

Easy Implementation

Our flexible webchart solution can be used on each content management system (CMS) by only adding a few lines of code. You will get fully up and running web charts with our service with a minimum of hassle. Once the code is integrated data is provided live from our platform.

Integrated fund marketing

Combine your fund performance information from different reports and formats for a seamless view on the web. We have the expertise to help you holistically manage fund reporting and charting to attract, engage and inform your investors.
Integrated fund marketing with your webchart


Learn more about the benefit you gain by using our Dynamic Webcharts.

Responsive Web Design

Your customers can open and interact with your perfect styled webcharts on any device and web browser.

Live Data Feed

Your data is automatically updated as soon as the data is received by our engine.

Huge Variety

Select from a huge variety of charts like performance charts, drill-down charts, current allocations, historical allocations and many more.

Customized Style

Use your prefered styles and colors to match your branding. Be fully flexible in presentation with the adjustable time horizon.

Benchmark Integration

Use benchmarks to show your superior strategy and wise decisions.

High Server Availability

High technology standards will guarantee the best server availability.


Discover the dynamic and interactive content by hovering over the webcharts with your mouse.
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